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Art inspired by nature.
Inspiration is all around us, we can find it in the everyday things that are often overlooked in our busy lives.

Hire me for a private workshop.

I will encourage you to look deeply into the world around you, discovering details, patterns and textures which will fuel your fascination for science, nature and art.

Workshops can take place in your own home or a hired space, one-to-one or in small groups.

A four hour session would cost £120*, ideal for 1-8 adults. 


Botanical sketchbooks.

By sharing my botanical knowledge we will take a closer look at the details of plants, in order to draw them with a fresh eye and new perspective. Working from life, we can look at plants around your garden and/or bring examples in to sketch. I will also provide many botanical samples from my own collection.
Examples of topics: Leaves, Plant adaptations, Flowers, Fruit & veg, Seed heads, Plant habits, Roots & perennation.

Students to provide their own choice of sketchbook, pencils and/or watercolours.


Creating a botanical pattern. 

A guided workshop introducing you to basic botanical pattern design.
Learn how to create a simple botanical surface pattern, popular for products such as wallpaper and fabric.
We will make sketches of plants and flowers, and use them to create your own surface pattern.

Students to provide their own sketchbook, fineliner and coloured pencils. Tutor will provide additional paper and materials.


Drawing with a stick and ink.

A fun, experimental session drawing interesting textures and lines using sticks!
Using your new tools, explore mark-making and practice techniques to applying the ink to different surfaces.
Improve your observation of light, shade, detail and texture.
Start to master your new skills by drawing expressive pieces of art from life or photos.

Students to provide their own paper and pencils. Tutor will provide ink and additional materials.



Pre-booked workshops.

I also teach pre-booked workshops in Cambridgeshire venues. Please let me know if you would like to go on the emailing list for any future workshops.

Contact me here to ask any questions.


Bespoke workshops. 

The workshops can be tailored to interests and age range. They are suitable for anyone with an interest in art. I can create a workshop, or even a block of regular classes, just for you.




“I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your secrets with Julia. She really loved this course and learnt so much from you! She says she’s much more confident with her ink and not so worried about making mistakes in the process. It was a great experience for her!”

“I would like to use inks more in my art... I will use my charcoal sticks with much more effect now” 

“It was interesting to look at nature... I learnt how to study something in detail and link it to patterns like scales or spirals”

“It was enjoyable that you can use sticks to draw... I learnt to use different techniques with ink” 



Ali Chappell-Bates Art.

* There may be an additional fee for mileage, depending on distance.