Art inspired by nature.

Inspiration is all around us, we can find it in the everyday things that are often overlooked in our busy lives. It's good to be able to slow down and observe.

I will encourage you to look a little closer into the world around you, discovering details, patterns and textures which will fuel your fascination for science, nature and art.

Available workshops

Bespoke Workshops

Workshops and classes can be tailored to interests and age range. They are suitable for anyone with an interest in art. I can create a workshop, or even a block of regular classes, just for you. 

Hire me for a private workshop.

Workshops can take place in your own home or a hired space, one-to-one or in small groups.

For example, a four hour session would cost a total of £120, ideal for 1-12 adults. Some materials would be provided.

Example topics: 

  • Botanical sketching.
  • Creating a botanical surface pattern.
  • Drawing with a stick and ink.
  • Drawing plants with spirals.



“I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your secrets with Julia. She really loved this course and learnt so much from you! She says she’s much more confident with her ink and not so worried about making mistakes in the process. It was a great experience for her!”  
“I would like to use inks more in my art... I will use my charcoal sticks with much more effect now”   
“It was interesting to look at nature... I learnt how to study something in detail and link it to patterns like scales or spirals”  
“It was enjoyable that you can use sticks to draw... I learnt to use different techniques with ink” 



Ali Chappell-Bates Art.


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