About me...

Thank you visiting my website.

I have been selling my art for several years in various places online and in-person, but find having my own website a great way to share everything in one place.

I live in a lovely rural Cambridgeshire village and am lucky enough to be able to work in my own home studio. This means I get to enjoy extra time being hassled by my cat, as well as the opportunity to pop out into the garden whenever I can.

I absolutely love plants, botany and horticulture, and have trained and qualified with the RHS.

I have a variety of creative interests and can't stop learning new techniques. I am fascinated by animals, mathematical patterns, textures, and anything naturally formed. I love to share my love for nature in classes and workshops.


Drawing & Creativity.

I mostly draw with black ink, but do also love to experiment with materials and mediums.

I am keen to protect the environment and try to use natural, recycled, or up-cycled materials if I can. I love the irregularity you can get from natural materials.

I love to reproduce my unique artwork onto t-shirts, prints, greetings cards, bags and homeware.

I make a conscious effort to use eco-friendly, ethical, organic, and vegan-friendly products.

When possible, I enjoy hand printing my products, but I do also work with a small selection of trusted suppliers in the UK and USA to help me produce items more efficiently.


Professional history.

My professional history is based in Marketing Communications and Graphic Design, with over 20 years experience. I worked in a wide range of settings such as publishing, new media and assistive technology. I have designed both printed publications and digital media in many languages, including Arabic. 

As a freelance designer I created and sold over 4000 personalised 'word art' designs.

Nowadays my focus is directed towards art and nature, however my professional skills are often still put into practice.

You are welcome to get in touch with any questions or suggestions you may have about about my creative services. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ali x