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Ali Chappell-Bates Art

Set of three Original Ink Drawings - Sunflowers

Set of three Original Ink Drawings - Sunflowers

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These are original drawings from my series of Sunflower Head studies, drawn in Indian Ink using a Buddleia stick. 

This set of three Sunflower ink drawings have been designed to be displayed together. Each drawing captures special features about the sunflower and the striking spiraled centre of tubular flowers that make up the composite sunflower head. I have spent a lot of time studying the Fibonacci sequence and developing a personalised technique in order to create the spiral design in the centre. 

This series of sunflowers went to on to become the basis of the design of my logo, so they really are a special collection to me.

Using a stick to draw with can be challenging and unpredictable, much like the natural subjects I have chosen. We have no control over nature, and like applying ink with a stick, the results are unexpected and fascinating.

Indian Ink is a timeless medium, giving a strong rich permanence, which contrasts with the character of untreated, naturally textured paper. Specifically designed to take on character over time, this will be a truly unique piece in your home bringing you many years of joy and interest.

Comes complete with a frame and will be sealed, signed and authenticated.

External frame measures approximately 57.5cm x 67.5cm.

DELIVERY: Due to the size and value of this item, shipping is not available. Customer would be able to pickup from my location in Cambridgeshire (CB24 3EH). I can also personally deliver within a limited radius.

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