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Ali Chappell-Bates Art

Set of five mini butterfly temporary tattoos.

Set of five mini butterfly temporary tattoos.

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Pretty little butterflies based on my hand-drawn artwork. I have made this set into a lovely temporary tattoo collections, for grown-ups and kids alike!

I wore all my butterfly tattoos scattered up my forearm. You can wear them individually or all together.

Great for hen parties, festivals and parties.

Temporary tattoo ink is FDA approved - skin-safe & non-toxic. These temporary tattoos are Vegan friendly: free from animal products, printed with vegetable-based inks, and not tested on animals.

I have other tattoos based on my nature inspired art, so why not select a few temporary tattoos in the shop to save on postage. 

This listing is for a set of five mixed butterfly temporary tattoos. The tattoo images measure approx. 25-30mm wide.

The pack contains one of each: Peacock butterfly, Tortoiseshell, Swallowtail, Monarch and Tree Nymph butterfly

Remember - temporary tattoos always have a bit of a shine on them. They are just for fun and will only last a few days depending on the care you take and where they are placed. 




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