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Ali Chappell-Bates Art

Mini Bumble bees temporary tattoos

Mini Bumble bees temporary tattoos

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My little Bumble Bees look sweet as temporary tattoos.

A great accessory for the summer season. Fun to wear at festivals, parties, gigs or just BEEcause. 

Originally drawn with Indian ink, my Bumble bee illustration was destined to be a temporary tattoo. Mix and match with other temporary tattoos in the shop to save on postage.

FDA approved - skin-safe & non-toxic. These temporary tattoos are free from any animal products, printed with vegetable-based inks, and are not tested on animals.

Bumblebee temporary tattoo measures approx 57mm wide.

This listing is for two mini Bumblebees set approx 30mm each (close to lifesize) 

Other images in photos are for context only. 

Looks great on wrist, ankle, shoulder blade, back of neck etc

Remember - temporary tattoos always have a bit of a shine on them. They are just for fun and will only last a few days depending on the care you take and where they are placed. I have experimented with a few ways to make them less shiny. Read the application instructions here.


    Did you know? Bumblebees see ultraviolet light, but can't see red very well, so they see the colours and patterns in flowers in a completely different way to us!

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