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Death's Head HawkMoth temporary tattoo

Death's Head HawkMoth temporary tattoo

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This temporary tattoo is of the Death’s Head Hawkmoth and width measures approx. 85mm.

Perfect for a Halloween fancy dress party, bachelor party, or rock festival. A pain-free way to get a tattoo!

The original artwork was hand drawn in black ink and has some stunning details. The Death’s Head moth is known for the markings on it’s body which look like a human skull and bones.

Moth tattoo ink is FDA approved - skin-safe & non-toxic. These temporary tattoos are free from any animal products, printed with vegetable-based inks, and are not tested on animals.

Instruction card is included. Easy to apply using water.

Please note that temporary tattoos always have a bit of a shine on them. They are just for fun and will only last a few days.

I have a whole collection of moth and butterfly temporary tattoos available – as well as other animals and insects.

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