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Plastic and the Environment

The world is becoming rife with plastic. We are all now all too familiar with images of beautiful animals who are in distress, injured or have died due to the excess packaging filling our oceans and landfills.

I believe we can all make a big difference together, just by making small changes.

Although I have always made a conscious to save, re-use and recycle, now I have started making further changes to both my personal life, and with the products I am creating as Ali Chappell-Bates Art.


Packing shipments:

Nearly all the packaging I use to ship with is either recyclable or biodegradable. With larger items, all my 'filler' padding (including air pockets) is actually already re-used and is recyclable too.


Product packaging:

I am currently cutting down on the use of unnecessary plastic.

I have taken the 'Naked Cards' pledge, and now any new greetings cards will not ship in an extra cello bag. 

Naked cards

I do have some reserves of cello for greetings cards that will be run down as required, but I do not plan on replenishing unless it is a biodegradable or compostable material. Personally I don't see the need to use a bag at all, we have just become accustomed to it.  

Some other products can now be shipped without them, so, if you do not require a cello bag, or are happy for me to place multiple orders (such as notebooks or temporary tattoos) in the same cello bag, please let me know at checkout. 

In some cases I still need to ship products in cello or poly bags. However, they are all recyclable and some are already recycled.

Please put your cello bags in the recycling!

I am now researching the use of alternative biodegradable and compostable options.