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Writing a list of words...

Stuck for words?

Word art gifts are a wonderful, touching way to show how special somebody is.

They can be given as gifts for wedding anniversaries, big birthdays, housewarming parties, baby showers, retirement, engagements and more. A great way to say: ‘congratulations’  ‘thank you’ or ‘we love you’.

Pre designed word art.
I have created several designs for many different occasions which are already populated with words and ready for a touch of your own personalisation, such as family names and a special date. Send me the words and I will fit them into the design and make it look perfect.

Daddy framed gift  10th wedding anniversary gift 

Fully customised word art.
You may have so many words to say about your loved one that you don’t require a pre-designed gift. Perhaps it’s a group gift and everyone has chipped in with a few words they’d like to include. I love making custom designs from scratch with all your own words, so this is no problem at all.

The standard amount I tend to recommend is approximately 70 words, but I can make designs using any quantity.  Below are suggestions which can help you to make your own list of words:

  • Special occasion – dates and places.
  • Family names – children, husband.
  • Are they a – mother, sister, friend, auntie.
  • Pets – names, types of animals, breed.
  • Favourites – foods, drinks, restaurant.
  • Catchphrases, nicknames & jokes.
  • Places – university, hometown, holidays, first met, first date.
  • Favourites – shows, movie stars, singers.
  • Hobbies – sports, crafts, collecting.
  • Skills & talents – dancer, singer, creative, baker.
  • Personality & traits – beautiful, kind, generous, funny, loud, thoughtful, smart, sarcastic.
  • Best wishes – happiness, joy, laughter, luck, life, health, hope, friendship, memories
  • Ask friends and family for extra ideas!


Enjoy creating your list of words!




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