What is a Printable File?

What is a Printable File?

Printable files are a great solution which give you control over how you would like your gift printed. I create the design for you, then you use the printable files provided to chose where and how to get it printed.

  • Save shipping costs.
  • Save delivery times.
  • Print onto an endless choice of gifts, canvases and homeware.
  • Print as many times as you want.

I can create totally bespoke Word Art designs, or you can order from one of my existing designs which are each created with a special occasion in mind.


What can I do with it?

‘Printable Files’ give you an opportunity to get creative!

Using Printable Files, you can print onto paper, canvas, cushions, posters and more.

You can also print matching items because you have no printing limits!


What do I get?

Each Word Art creation is pieced together individually by my own eye, making each design a unique and personalised gift for a special friend.

You will receive (by email) a high resolution professional PDF and JPEG with a personalised design which I have created using your instructions.

The art can be printed any size (instructions are included in the delivery).

I am available to assist with troubleshooting.


Where can I use it?

  • There are hundreds of ideal 'photo printers' who can print your gifts, such as Snapfish(UK), Asda photo (UK), Photobox (International), FedEx Kinkos (US), Walgreens (US), Woolworths photo (AU), etc.
  • Any commercial printers.
  • You can also print it at home or work if you have a nice enough printer.


 You can order Printable Files >>> here.



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