Temporary Tattoos - Application instructions

Temporary Tattoos - Application instructions

Application Instructions:

  1. Cut out your chosen tattoo. Remove clear top sheet.
  2. Press tattoo onto clean, dry skin with the design facing down.
  3. Fully dampen tattoo, and press down.
  4. Wait 30 seconds, then slide paper backer off and allow to dry completely.


Do not use on sensitive skin.

Temporary tattoos always have a bit of a shine on them, and feel a bit tight on the skin when you first apply them. Don't despair! This becomes much less apparent once they have 'worn in' a bit (see below for skin products to avoid*).

So if you’re planning them for an evening occasion, apply them in the morning to give them chance to soften up. Personally I think they start to look best after about 12-24 hours of settling onto your skin, if you can take good care of them.

To prolong the life of your temporary tattoo, avoid using with any beauty products (eg. suncream, makeup, fake tan, perfume, oils). Do not rub it or touch it when it is wet, don't put dry fabrics on it when it is wet (eg. towel after showering).


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    To remove:

    • Soak in the shower with warm water and soap to soften it.
    • Use a skin oil or oil-based remover to gently rub off the softened tattoo.
    • You can remove with sponge, cloth, or fingers.



    Additional Tips & Tricks:

    These are all tips and tricks I have learnt through experimenting. Please do not follow this if you are sensitive to any of the products mentioned, or generally have sensitive or broken skin. 

    Cut it out closely.
    The less clear material left on your skin, the better the tattoo looks. But do leave enough to protect the edge of the tattoo if it gets accidentally rubbed. 

    Prepare your skin.
    Tattoos will last from one day to one week depending how you take care of them and where they are placed.

    *Avoid any beauty products on your skin before or after application (eg. fake tan, perfume, suncream, anything with alcohol or heavy oil in it) as these products will dissolve the glue and make your tattoo sticky and will disintegrate within a day. 

    I find a good time to apply is after a shower as I have no lotion, fake tan or deodorant on, so my skin is totally scrubbed clean and ready for a temporary tattoo!

    It is best to apply the tattoo to an area of smooth skin that doesn’t regularly get stretched or folded, because this may crack the tattoo before it has chance to soften. Once it softens it becomes more flexible with your skin.

    Try to avoid areas that regularly get leaned on, rubbed or creased.


    So... it turned out this wasn't the ideal place, but it still lasted 4 days!

    Don’t apply to broken skin. Avoid hairy skin – you can shave before applying but bear in mind the hair will grow back and push on the tattoo. 

    Sweaty or grease will also reduce the life of your temporary tattoo.

    Before it dried properly I went back to work at my desk, which rubbed and leaned on the tattoo all morning - this made the glue all sticky. I should have been more patient! 

    Generally the temp tattoo should be shower/waterproof if you don't rub it or use any products directly on it. After a day or two you may have a slightly dirty mark around the edge where the glue has picked up some dust – you can gently wipe this away with mild soapy water, or carefully rub away from the tattoo with fingertips.

    Temporary tattoos look really effective in the usual places you would see regular tattoos. As they are temporary you can be pretty adventurous about where they go, or you can be discreet. Typical places for small tattoos are inner forearm, back/shoulder blade, back of neck, base of spine, ankle... to be honest the more I think about it the more I realise that people pretty much have tattoos anywhere nowadays.

    When placing the temporary tattoo on your skin, have your chosen body part in a normal position. For example, don't stretch your arm out and then apply the tattoo, otherwise when you return the arm to normal, the tattoo could scrunch up or distort.

    Reducing shine... making it look even more awesome!
    Temporary tattoos always have a bit of a shine on them. When you first apply the tattoo it looks particularly shiny, feels tight and stretches with the skin. Don't worry, after a good few hours this reduces and the tattoo softens up with the natural oils from your skin. Within 24 hours they look so much better and blend in with your skin.

    If you cannot wait a few hours for the tattoo to soften and blend in, I have tried using a small amount of water-based moisturiser and then I immediately dusted it with a small amount of baby powder to reduce the shine. This isn't too bad a result! I have also found some alcohol free deodorant sprays can work well, but this is at your own risk because many products cause the tattoo to degrade, I found anything alcohol or oil based can melt the tattoo glue and make it sticky so best avoided.

    The best solution by far is just to wait 24 hours for it to soften up naturally.

    temporary tattoo temporary tattoo


    To ensure the long life of your temporary tattoos prior to use, please keep in the original packaging and store in a cool dry place. Any exposure to moisture (eg. steam, wet hands, rain, oil) prior to use will activate the tattoo glue, as a result the printed decal will stick to the clear plastic sheet, making them unusable.


    Enjoy trying out your temporary tattoos xx



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