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Nail Decals - Application Instructions

I thought you'd appreciate a video version of the guide.

Please also find the written guide below the video!



Application instructions:

  1. Cut out your chosen design. 
  2. Remove clear top sheet.
  3. Press onto clean, dry nail with design facing down.
  4. Fully dampen tattoo, and hold down.
  5. Wait 15 secs, slide paper off and use a wet finger to smooth down flat if needed.
  6. Dry fully and then coat with 2 layers of clear varnish.

TIP - You can also apply them on top of a pale coloured varnish (pre-applied and dried first), to give a background to your nail art!

To remove:

  1. Remove with nail varnish remover as normal.
  2. If you get any sticky residue then use a bit of baby oil.


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