10% off ceramic and enamel mugs!

10% off ceramic and enamel mugs!

10% off any 4 mugs

It must be time for a cuppa!

We all have a our favourite mug, but I have so many lovely mugs at home that I sometimes struggle to pick one.

There is now a whole new range of vegan ceramic mugs available on the website, each printed with one of my favourite animal and plant illustrations. 

Bumblebee mug

Furthermore, if you pick 4 or more then you can enjoy 10% off your purchase, just to sweeten the deal. Just add the coupon code TIMEFORTEA at checkout.

This way you can pick a matching set, or if you can't decide on your favourite then you can get a mixed set, that should keep the whole family happy...

If that wasn't all enough excitement, I am currently introducing a range of hand-enamelled mugs. These are perfect gifts for gardeners, campers, mechanics... anyone whose always breaking ceramic mugs (oops).

Honey bee enamelled mug

Now it's time for me to go and find the biscuits...


Ali x


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