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Black and white Badger illustration

Framed Badger wall art.

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Thank you for your interest in my badger illustration. This lovely young badger was patiently drawn using twigs dipped in black Indian ink. This is a digital print of my original artwork.

To me, the European badger is an iconic symbol of the British countryside. It is the UK's largest surviving carnivore. They are very distinctive in appearance but not often seen, as they are mostly nocturnal and live in tunnels and caverns called 'sets'. Thousands of Badgers have been controversially culled every year since 2013. 

The box frame measures 10x10 inches and can stand freely on a shelf or counter, or be hung using fittings included. The black frame sets off the badger print perfectly.

This would make a really special gift for a Badger fan, or look great in any home setting. Black and white art can suit any style of room.

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