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Fox art print in frame.

Fox art print in frame.

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This beautiful Fox art is a digital print of my own illustration.

I drew the original picture using Indian ink, dipped with a twig and carefully applied to the paper. 

This Fox wall art comes ready framed. The frame measures 9.25x13 inches and can be hung or freestanding.

It would make a lovely gift for a animal lover, or a special treat for yourself. The black and white wall art would suit any type of decor around the home.

Thanks for your interest in my artwork. 

This is a drawing of a Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes). Foxes often pair for life. They have a reputation for being cunning and stealthy and are the subject of many stories and folklore. They have a beautiful bushy red tail with a white tip, and large pointed ears. Who doesn't love a beautiful wild creature such as the fox!?

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