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Stockists & Vendors

As well as selling a lot of my own hand picked items, I also have a few other stockists that sell my items, plus some offer alternative products with my artwork printed on them. You can also buy my items at local craft fairs and events.

Please contact me here for if you are interested in stocking any of my products.


Chaotic Comics & Crafts

If you want to be able to see my products in the flesh, then Chaotic Comics stall is the place to visit. Based in the Midlands, Chaotic Comics & Crafts frequently set up shop at many fairs and markets in the area. Check out the website for an event near you! 





Zazzle provides a printing service for thousands of different products. For example phone cases, tissue paper, baby blankets, air fresheners, clocks... the list is endless. If you are looking for my artwork on an item I don't stock, you're bound to find it here. Or you can request it from me.



Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is a great place to find small craft businesses. Amazon Handmade is an invite-only store within the main Amazon store, where Artisans sell their handcrafted goods. Find my shop here.




Zippi is a UK based store which prints my artwork onto a wide selection of products that I may not stock on my website. Placemats, keyrings, tablet cases and more...



Etsy AliChappellUK

Here you can find a selection of my best selling Word Art designs, and check out some of the amazing reviews from customers worldwide. I have been selling here since 2013.



Etsy AliSunflowersUK

On my second Etsy shop you can find all your favourite temporary tattoos, notebooks and greetings cards.




I occasionally sell my stationery items on Ebay, as well as any overstock, sale items and end of line products. Keep an eye out here for bargains!



Bare & Beyond

Bare & Beyond is an organic marketplace where people who embrace life in its basic form can come together and buy or sell authentic products. Find my recycled notebooks and greetings cards here.